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A Towering Tradition

The Liberty Building is an enduring symbol of the great city of Buffalo. Built in 1925, this 22-story skyscraper remains a benchmark for outstanding architecture. To accentuate its magnificent craftsmanship, the building was technology enhanced in 1999. The Liberty Building is the fifth tallest office building in Buffalo and the perfect downtown location for your office space.

What's really stunning is that the classic-looking exterior encases an extremely modern infrastructure. Stepping inside is like transitioning between two periods of history. Your tour begins with a brilliantly refurbished lobby of bronze and marble. A security guard greets you - there's always one on duty. As you venture further, you'll notice attractive newly installed windows, and a modern convenience at every turn, from restaurants and coffee shops to an ATM. What you'll be pleasantly unaware of is the perfect atmosphere created by a state-of-the-art energy system.

Then there is the view from your office window from the upper floors it's simply spectacular, Downtown Buffalo in all its glory. Your eyes wander from the busy city streets all the way to the serene and majestic waterfront. Your clientele will be impressed not only by your office but what Buffalo has to offer.

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